Whether you would like to brush up on your technique, or you are a complete beginner in the water, we offer adult one-to-one or two-to-one lessons, and can tailor a programme to your needs; we deliver Adult Beginner, Adult Development and Adult Training lessons.

Similarly, if you feel your child would benefit from a series of personalised lessons with one of our teachers, to give them a little extra focused time and attention, we run these throughout the week too. They can be a great boost before joining lessons with other youngsters.

Both male and female teachers are available.

Please note that while COVID-19 restrictions are in place, we are unable to offer all of the above.

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Swim With Mark - Adults & Personalised
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adults & personalised

Swim With Mark - Adults & Personalised

We can personalise your lessons!

It is hugely important to us that our skill sets are robust and each one is there to build on those before it, focusing our teachers on developing capable swimmers with great technique!  




Current SWiMmers can log in now to keep track of their progress.

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